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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  November 12, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EST

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facts. these might be the most important things that you will hear. number one: when a mother suffers the children suffer. [applause] the healthiest lockest happiest kids need a father in their life but not everyday. they need a mother who is strong and is not suffering and you ladies are suffering. no matter what you are saying. number two: shared relationships don't last. [applause] the research shows that relationships in modern-day society more than two people .0001% chance of making it. and the third -- we are the exception >> i knew you would say that but i was not talking to you. so... [applause] and the third thing that i want to tell you ladies is really, really important. controlling and manipulative and
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abusive men isolate their women. and you have been isolated. in a true poll lick mist family you would be united as sisters. he has pulled you apart from each other and your families. i want you to hear from me today. you are in an abusive relationship. it doesn't mean that you are being beaten up. it doesn't mean that you are cryi everyday but he is isolating you as part of his system. so when you say that you want him to try and make it better, he wants you two to be important apart from your family because he said it today. and each other. it's not going to work. >> when did i say i wanted them to be -- when did i s that? [applause] >> kirk: you said it was more important for the children to be with you than with -- >> yes, it is i'm not trying to tear them away from their
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family: no >> i personally taken a break from my family because i -- can i talk? because i actually was married y'all heard that at the beginning of the show that i was going through a divorce it's not like i have not to do it the god way, the american way, the good way. however i have a daughter with and he and i are not able to even make a phone call to eh other. we cannot even communicate. i can't call him and he pick up the phone. do you really think that my daughter is benefiting right now fr the dysfunction between myself and my ex-husband? no she is not. with my second child there are things that i will do differently. i am going to have a conversation with the son's father. there is nothing that he can do to me or say to me, i am not afraid of him. i can leave just like you saw me walkout. however what i will not do is put my son in jeopardy because i
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have walked off, ran off, gone to another state another city, and he can't find me and i'm not thinking about my child i'm just thinking i need to be happy and do what is best for me >> kirk: why would you have to go to a dfferent state ? >> move down the block >> whether i'm down the block or in another state we have to be on some type of accord and some type of understanding -- >> kirk: no one is arguing that >> i'm not arguing with my sister. i told you i agree with everything she said. >> hes having sex with both of you and -- >> and that is something that kalia is ok with and i am not. and i've said to everyone here i will make my choice after i speak to him about it and i'm explaining why it's important to conversation.port and i will make my decisions based on my conversations and we will go from there >> it's clear to me that you care about your kids. so points for that. and i think you are right. your children should be with
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their father if it's possible. as often as possible. but what i said iseay true. and you need to take it in. and i think you are >> yes, i listened. >> you are suffering. and par of what happened to the two of you and i see it happen with women all the time it is a bad relationship, you shutdown your feelings so you don't have to feel your own pain. that's why i was crying when your family was talking and you weren't >> so you feel your pain? >> yeah, but in my situation it's about working through the pain and not running away from the situation >> if you were working through the pain you would have had conversations as a family >> what is it like i am an independent woman how is that working? what do you have that when you divorce you do better in life when your children are you are divorced? i'm not finished with my question >> the answer is this. the divorce rate is 60%. which means there are a lot of
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children in single-parent families as long as the parent who is raising them is happy and healthy and productive, that child will be ok. [applause] >> that's great. so you mean to tell me that children are coming from divorced broken homes, are turning out better? >> no. what i'm saying i if your parents are strong and together -- i will repeat myself 100 times. parents who are strong and healthy and together raise quality kids. and yes, i think you should be -- it sounds like you love those kids. be involved with the kids just stop hurting tir mothers >> i love the children. i love my children. and at the same time, i love these women. and i've seen my father three times because of situations between him and my mom. my mom has a disposition that is
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hard to deal with. >> that is why you had to be in relationships where you control women. [applause] >> i vowed to myself that i will be a stronger man than my father was and i will control that situation >> kirk: we'll be right back. [applause] [♪] next on "the test"... >> the next time my sister calls me and she ain't got no food because you left you best believe i will come and get her >> because i have two women maybe i'm not going through the most heavenly experience this ain't easy >> you are a sorry excuse for a man. sorry. >> kirk: and later... >> we might live together but it doesn't mean we are together. you are nagging this i a problem.
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you are always nagging me >> if you love me that is where you stop it.
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does your child have more than two potential fathers? are you desperate to get to the truth with dna? call...
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[applause] [applause] >> this one has been married twice. this one doesn't have herself together >> i -- iave my own house and provide for my children. they have relationships with their father. don't tell me aboute. you going to check my house, because -- my house is a home. my kids have relationships with their fathers. i have civil relationships with their fathers. they can come see their kids anytime. it is good because i'm happy. it's good because i am happy. my kids are happy. you look at your mirror. look at your mirror. fix yourself. the next time my sister calls me and me is hungry and she ain't got no food because you left i will come and get her
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>> let's address that. you [all talking at once] >> feed your children >> i said look these people are always in-your-face talking about leave me, lea me >> provide. and you are a sorry excuse for a man >> she told them i left. and then nothing happened. she doesn't come to t rescue >> i have to work. i work. i was at work. you not at work. you walking up and down the streets. >> you say i left and them them that you are hungry and see if they have your back. >> kirk: chris, she has to work >> i'm not stupid. i know that was you. >> kirk: do you have a job? >> yeah, i work. >> kirk: are you -- [inaudible] >> she did not leave so my perception is if you areoi to call me and tell me you are
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hungry and you can be in a house with hot water and food then you chose to be hungry. i know that was bull. it was bull. [all talking at once] i see you and you know what you are doing >> if you thought it was bull and you use that -- >> don't blame me. [applause] [cheering] >> i think that being a strong woman is being able to keep your family togher. if you can't keep your family together then that is not showing strength. anybody can get a job and a deb bit card. anybody anybody can do that >> my family is together, baby. my family is together. i was in a relationship and he didn't want to marry me so i said peace. >> that's right. and then what happens is you end up with another child by another
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man. [all talking at once] >> both of their fathers are there. i do not choose to be with you i am not going to keep you from seeing your child. your relationship ain't got nothing to do with that child. and i told my sister she can have a simple relationship with you but to stay in the same house with you. you can do that. you can still be a father. >> a lot of the clapping you all don't understand that possibly because i have two women maybe i'm not going through the most heavenly experience. have you asked me if i want to leave? this ain't easy. this ain't easy at all. this is not easy, man for real >> kirk: you have two women that are unhappy. >> this is stressful. >> kirk:f course it's stressful because you are with two women who are unhappy >> you want to beat that to the ground. happiness is derived from
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happening things that occur in your life. and sometimes things occur that ma you happy and unhappy. happy is not a lg thing. when you are unhappy about thing it's because of a situation and sometimes when >> kirk: chris. i got to ask you something. listen to you but we have all been listening to you and i find it hard to believe that you can even believe the... you are saying. we will be right back. [applause] [♪] next on "the test"... >> now you ior that the stringing along ends today. now i know that he wants two women and not one woman. >> i've always told my sister she can come stay with us >> she belongs to m anyways. >> nobody belong to you but you >> kirk: and later... >> did you have more than oral
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sex? >> no, i didn't. >> how do i know that. >> kirk: have you had sexual intercourse with anyone else?
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coming up tomorrow, bff has your back >> it must have been a blast. >> unless she is caught on her back with your man
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>> was peyton with tiffany? >> he was. but he realized i was better. >> is he the father of coal >> i know he is the father. >> i cannot believe are you not friends anymore. that's tomorrow on "the test." [applause] >> kirk: welcome back to the "the test". i'm her with kalia and tashiana and chris the man in the middle and sheila and jennette and cleat ta. we have talked about a lot of things today. i want to ask the ladies you've ard a lot. >> i am a little confused >> kirk: are you confused because you are starting to realize that maybe you can leave? >> no, i'm confused as to why no one in the room seems to understand what i am doing. if you took a look at my son
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then you would understand why i choose to be with his father. so -- >> so they look alike? >> no. [laughter] >> tashiana what about you? >> um -- >> kirk: you know the world wants what is best for you ladies. [applause] >> i'm talking all of the information that has been given today because have a lost i've gotten clarity that i did not have before where chris stands the first time i've heard him s >> kirk: that he has a system to manipulate you >> and he plans on having both of us. that was not told to me and all of that. now i know the stringing along ends today. now i know that -- he wants two women and not one woman. i am the kind of woman that wants man and feels i deserve
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that. [applause] [cheering] i'm going to take that and i'm going to make the right decision for me and my son >> kirk: maybe in a perfect world you leave, you find that man that will treat you with respect and you can have your chris >> absolutely. >> wouldn't that be nice? >> that would be perfect. >> kirk: listen do you have room for her if she wanted to leave today? >> i've alys told my sister she can come stay with us. i'veever not supported my sister. i've always been there and told her that there is an open door. i mean she has a number of places she can did go. mom, me, dad. i mean it's limitless. >> it makes no difference she belongs to me anyways >> don't nobody belong to you. you don't even belong to you you dot know who you are >> kirk: tell you something. tashiana i look at you and i see
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a twinkle in your eye that you did not have when you came out here today. [applause] so i hope that i hope you realize how much love everyone has for you. and hopes that maybe you do see the light today because he wants you both. he is not going to make a decision. you know that. do you know that? >> oh, yeah. >> kirk: this -- if you hear him talk in circles he doesn't know what he is saying. >> hold on. hold on. [lauter] [cheering] [applause] >> i said they belong to me that is not a circle and i command that they stay there and that's it. >> kirk: can i tell you something? hey. chris. chris. >> i passed my lie detector test. i'm not lying. i'm not talking in circles
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>> the real test is the test of li and to be a man you should lose the word command from your vocabulary. >> the word man is in the word command. it has man in it. i don't want to hear it. there's man in command. point-blank. that is what it is. and that is why they call them commanders and chiefs. >> kirk: you will be playing scrabble by yourself unless you figure things out. sh is there room for her? >> yes. she knows. but it will come with stipulations because her sister let her in and furniture and tv and computers and things went out the door because of him. and -- >> and that is why they cutoff eir families it's not me. th say help us help us. i love her unconditionally.
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the family puts stipulations on it. >> the stipulation is you are not around >> how does that help? >> my sister and her baby are welcome anytime >> you might have two happy women. >> ladies we are going to work with you after the show. and we'll give you all the support that you need. and chris i will sit down with you after the show and try and get to you realize that you are talking in circles. we will be right back. [applause] >> next on "the test"... >> everince my daughter was born we've been hing issues with our relationship and it's making us miserable but we are still living together and he let a girl and it makes me question erything. all the time. all the time. why aren't you going to stand up for me when they are talking about me?
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do you believe a family member stole something valuable from you? do you have several suspects and need to get to the truth? call... [applause] >> kirk: welcome back to "the test." my next guest says her relationship with her boyfriend stefan is on the fast track to nowhere. their relationship starting going downhill after a girl performed oral sex on him at a stan admits he got some at the bar but says it's not cheating. brianna says there's no way sex
9:28 am
wasn't involved because he and his frids are man... let's take a lk >> stefan had a break up and he let a girl give him oral sex and there's two other girls. i want to find out the truth. >> stefan says he never cheed because they were broken up >> we were on a break when i got that oral sex and i told her about t i'm tired of her nagging me about being a cheater and i'm ready to clear my name. >> welcome brianna t the show. so tell me what is going on. why are you here today? >> i'm here today because ever since my daughter was born me and stefan have been havg issues with our relationship and it's just making us both miserable. and i would like to work things out with him but how can i work things out if you are doing all this stuff and i don't know about it. >> kirk: are you sure he is cheating on you? >> well, i'm not 100% positive but based on the fact that we
9:29 am
were still living together and he let a girl perform oral sex it makes me question everything >> kirk: how old is your daughter? >> she is one. >> kirk: he said you were on a break when he got the oral sex is that true? >> i mean. i hope so. i mean, we were still living together so in my opinion it's cheating because we were supposed to be working things out >> kirk: there were three break ups and the first you left with another guy, right? >> yeah, it got to the point whe i was like ok if you are not giving me what i'm looking for and treating me like i should be treated i will find it elsewhere and and i did. >> and he may have found it elsewhere as well? >> right. that is ok as long as -- we were broken up but then he says that other guy were in a relationship how does that make it in the wrong. when you do the other stuff we were supposed to be working stuff out. >> and you had three ups and
9:30 am
during each he was with another girl >> yeah, on three counts -- >> he swears he never had sexual intercourse with any of them. you want to find out if he did? >> basically, i don't know for sure and there's the thoughts in head because he lied about the other thing >> kirk: and you have issues with his family as well? >> yeah. they do not like me. he never stands up for me. never. >> kirk: why don't they like you? you seem likable? >> they don't have reasons. they always have something to say about me. like in any situation they have had stuff to say about me. >> kirk: today is about if he is cheating whether this family is going to stay together or not? >> kirk: and you would like him to start standing up against his family and protect you? could you call him on that and do you say why >> all the time. all the time. i'm like why don't you stand up
9:31 am
for me. like if i'm supposed to be the girl you love why don't you stand up for me when they are talking about me >> kirk: i can see you are in a lot of pain. this is an important day for you. brianna's boyfriend who says it was not cheating because they were on a break joins us next. we will be right back. [applause] [♪] >> coming up... >> we were broken up. a break up. we were not together >> if it's not cheating why did it take so long for you to tell me about it. you did it out of spite >> no, we might live together but that doesn't mean we are together >> we are supposed to working stuff out for our daughter. it's time to change the way we clean. and free ourselves from the smellnd harshness of bleach. lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula.
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it kills 99.9% of germs. that's healthing . powerful cleaning that's family friendly. lysol. start healthing. and for where it matters most, try new lysol power & free pourable.
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[applause] >> do you like action? do you want to witness shocking results? if are you in the la area and would like to be in the studios audience for a taping of "the test" go to [applause] >> kirk: welcome back the test." i'm here with brianna and you have some issues with your boyfriend. you think he mit be cheating. and you've had break ups and you
9:35 am
want to find out the extent of what was going down when you were broken up >> yes. >> kirk: brianna's boyfriend stefan is backstage listening and he is ready to tell his girlfriend to getver the fact that he was messing around during a break up it's not cheating >> i never cheated on you. >> this is not cheating how come you took so long to tell me >> no, we were broken up. a break up. we were not together. if i want to do that i can >> first of all if it's not cheating why did it take so long for you to tell me about it >> i did tell you. would you tell me if you did something like that. at least i was honest. i'm trying to make things work >> i had to pry it out of you. >> after you left, i took you back and this is how you repay it. i want to work things out. >> i do too but how do i know you are not doing -- >> you have to trust me. >> i trust you to an extent
9:36 am
>> and makes me -- >> kirk: stefan did you do more than oral sex? >> no >> how do i know that? >> how a i supposed to take your word for you did that out of spite >> no >> who does that? >> i can do whatever i want. girls -- we were not together >> it does not matter we were supposed to be working things out. we were living together at the time. >> kirk: were you with a guy at the time? >> this is afterwards. but she did her thing i don't see why she gets mad when i do my thing >> and you got mad at me -- >> but i took you bk. >> kirk: you've claimed you never had sexual intercourse occurrinsexual intercoursedurins >> how am i supposed to take your word? when you talk to the other girl
9:37 am
when you don't do stuff with them how am i supposed to believe you. you cannot say i have to believe you >> it's tha easy. you are constantly nagging. this is a problem. are you always nagging me. we might live together but that doesn't mean we are together >> we are supposed to working stuff out for our daughter. that is the point. [applause] >> kirk: your whol family has a problem with her and she is upset that you never defend her >> maybe it's the fact that you left me for another guy >> it was long before. it's been long before that >> that is their opinion. >> where do they get that opinion stefan? >> that is theirs. their opinion is n my opinion. i can't sway their opinion >> people just don't come up with stuff >> kirk: don't you think you should be defending your woman's honor? >> i should but they will say what they are going to say >> that is where you stop it. if you love me that is where you
9:38 am
stop it. >> kirk: if you tell your family i love this woman we have a ughter together stop saying things about her >> i will work on t i will >> the minute my family had anything to s about him after i found out i was pregnant and i stood up for you like no tomorrow. i stopped talking to my family for three weeks. >> i told them those were lies we knew what it was me and you come on now >> kirk: i will say this. i see a young lady fighting for this family. she loves you. i mean -- >> i love her, too. >> kirk: if you love her you have to work harder at defending her honor. [applause] all right. this is what you are fighting for. this is it. this is a family here. i mean that is a beautiful you guys this is a beautiful family. all three of you. you have to find a way to just
9:39 am
love >> that is why we are here we want to get everything resolved and put it behind us. hoping we can work it out. >> kirk: to work it out we have to be honest. all right. and the first thing i want you to do is to say you wl work harder on telling your family not to talk bad aut the woman you love. >> you are right. you are right. [applause] >> kirk: that is important. next is stefan a man or a misunderstood man? we will find out when we come back and reveal the results of the test. [applause] coming up on "the test"... >> did you have sexual intercourse with anyone else? your answer?
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this november no one does it like the test >> you think she is carrying your baby >> have you had sexual intercourse with anyone else? your answer? >> no. >> no one has you on the edge of your seat like "the test." >> no. no. >> no. >> you've never cheated >> no one is getting away with anything. >> no. no you don't tell me to shh. >> and no one does it better.
9:43 am
>> liars, thieves and cheater to the test. i being honest. >> no you're not. >> all new on "t tt." [applause] >> kirk: welcome back to the "the test". before the break we met brianna and her boyfriend stefan who clearly have a difference of opinion on what is consider cheating. brianna says oral sex during break up is absolutely cheating and wants to find out if sex was involved at any point during their relationship. stefan says he never cheated while being with brianna and messing around during a break up is 100% not cheating. brianna are you rdy for your results? >> i'm ready >> kir our lieetector administrator asked stefan the following questions. efan while being in a
9:44 am
relationship with brianna -- i think it's one of the coolest young ladies i've met in a longtime. >> thank you. [applause] >> kirk: have you had sexual intercourse with anyone else? your answer? >> no. >> kirk: he passed. [applause] >> one question. >> kirk: we have another question. other than what brianna knows about, while were you on a break, did you have sexual intercourse with anyone else? your answer? >> no.
9:45 am
>> kirk: you failedha >> no. >> it's for real? >> i know what i did. >> kirk: while you were on the break >> i told her about that while we were on a break. there was one. >> kirk: you said ora sex we clearly asked you sexual intercourse. >> no. >> kirk: and you failed that >> ok. were we living together? >> we were living together but we were not together. >> kirk: stefan today i got to tell you, today is about honesty >> i'm being honest. >> when you were on breaks you said you did not have sexual intercourse with anyone. this said you did. i think you probably did >>fou are on a break and telling that girl telling me you lo me and want to be with me, i mean -- >> i saw her one night i never seen her again since then.
9:46 am
i told you what i did >> you said you had oral sex not sex. >> you are sitting here with a grin it's time to get honest this is while you were on a break be honest and say, yeah, while we were on a break i had sexual intercourse. don't kid yourself or me or her. list and, you can still salvage this because the first question you passed. while being in a relationship with brianna have you had sexual intercourse with anyone else. and the next question was while you were on a break did you have sexual intercourse. a man and say yes >> all right. allight. >> kirk: be honest >> i'm not going to be mad. i'm not mad. we wer on a break. >> kirk: so tell her you did >> yeah, i did. >> you are not in the wrong for that and i'm not mad all i wanted was the truth. i wante to for if that is what you did. i was not mad that you did that. we were on a break i wanted to
9:47 am
know the truth. >> kirk: listen. i want to be in the middle of this because i really think that there is hope for this family. all right. >> i want to make it work. >> kirk: to make it work, you have to be honest. she just wanted the truth. you were on a break. it's silly for you to say i didn't have sexual intercourse. it is inevitable >> right. >> kirk: it's going to happen. especially if you are getting oral sex sometime it is leads to sexual intercourse. now, listen, where do we go from here? you came here for the answers. he was not having sexual intercourse while were you in the relationship >> i'm happy about that. >> and while on a break you were as well >> where does it start? can we start fresh today? >> we need to put everything behind us and try to work it out from here. i promise you. >> i mean, yes. i want to work it out for my daughter.
9:48 am
>> kirk: brianna, i mean, iike this guy as well. since he finally copped to it >> yeah. >> kirk: for a minute he thought i wasn't human. [laughter] do you think you can start fresh today both of you? >> at the end of the day, we need to be -- we didn't need to show her that we a miserable. >> i want to work it out for her sake and i want to be a family. i don't want to be a two-household families >> kirk: give the mother of your daughter a hug and a kiss damn t we will be right back. [applause] [♪]
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9:50 am
[applause] >> kirk: all right. brianna, stefan, you came here
9:51 am
and you wanted answers. you learned some things that you probably knew this whole time >> yes. >> and how are you feeling? are you ready? >> i feel like a new man. >> ready to be an honest man? >> absolutely, i want to make things work >> kirk: do you feel better withouthe burden? >> i'm ready to start fresh >> kirk: start fresh and just love each other. you guys could go on forever. and that is what we do at "the test" we give you the answers d decide what you will do with it. i would be upset if you did not make this work. all right? check out what is happening tomorrow on "the test"... >> coming up tomorrow on "the test"... these bff's share everything. >> what hayden with tiffany >> he was but he reazed i was better >> including a man >> and is he the father of cole? >> i know who my baby daddy is. >> kirk: i cannot believe you guys are not friends anymore
9:52 am
>> that is tomorrow on "the if you have someone you suspect is cheating we'll put them to the test. for details go to thetesttv.comment see y next time. thanks for watching. [applause] [♪] [cheering]
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plus, cher on "dancing with the stars" and the latest hot topics. [ applause ] now, here's wendy! yeah! [ applause ] ♪ well, well, well.
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thank you for watching. studio audience, thank you for being here. we'll talk. [ laughter ] okay. in the meantime, charlie sheen's custody drama continues. plus, cher took over "dancing with the stars" last night. d dmx was supposed to be here. but if you're watching the news, well, i'll explain. let's get started. it's time for hot topics. [ applause ] [ applause ] i mean, the thing i love about
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live tv is that you never kow what's going to happen from day-to-day. it is six minutes after 10:00 here in new york city and dmx is not in the building. dmx is not even out of south carolina. dmx was arrested, everybody. well, this happened yesterday. he was arrested outside the airport in south carina last night. you know why he was at the airport? he was on his way to "wendy." the problem is, with all the people he knows and the drivers that he has access to, he decided to drive hself to the airport. there's nothing wrong with that. we all like to drive. at least i like to drive. problem is, i hav a drivers license and plates on my car. [ applause ] okay. the dark man x had no registration sticker in the
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front, no plates on his car. it was -- something very -- a low-key car. no driver's license and of course, it's a small airport in south carolina. and we allegedly know, allegedly, that -- i don't know why i'm saying allege. listen, you know, he was on his way here. i'm not surprised by any of this. i'm not surprised onlybecause, you know, sometimes when people are going through a lot, they neglect certain responsibilities, like renewing their driver's license or paying their child support for their 12 or 13 children. no, i'mall. this is not this man's fault. this m needs help. that's why -- i just wanted to have a conversation with him. wa't trying to fix him like iyanla or dr. phil. he was come for the whole show. we were going to chat it up and him andwizz beatz were going to perform "party up."
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y'all going to make me lose my mind. that song. this is the mugshot, which p.s., i kw leg people w work regular jobs have bags on their eyes. he has no bags or dark circles. that really is good black. for all the hard living he does, this is what he looked like in the mugshot last night. handsome as i don't know what. we were going to give him clothes when he got here and just hok him up. we even did his green room request. we got your golden stuffed oreo's, your sunkist oran soda and the lay's classic potato chips ande fruit that you requested. i'm holding out hope, everybody. not just for him coming on our show but for him to get it together in general. applause ] dmx, you are loved. but if you're not here by


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